Today’s Most Popular Hairstyles

With services like Uber, why would you ever want to leave your house? On-demand services are all about convenience and beauty has now joined the movement. Avoid rushing around the city for hair and makeup and have the professionals come to you. Once your in-home service is complete all you have to do is jump in your clothes and you are out the door. Or let’s tackle those Monday blues together. Have your hair blown out simultaneously while you knock out those emails? Teamwork at its finest!

The Usual 

For the woman that must have her weekly blowout The Usual is the go-to look. This style is natural, effortless, and can withstand a busy week. The Usual is that perfect blowout you love with just the right amount of volume and movement at the ends.

The Boss Chick

The Boss Chick style is classic and easy to maintain. This style is a great alternative for that weekly blowout person especially if you are not the type that likes volume. The Boss Chick is straight to the point sleek, pin-straight hair and you are back to handling business. This style is stable for that no-nonsense woman that knows exactly what she wants.

Date Night

We all love to go all out for those special occasions. If you are feeling a little daring we also would recommend this look for every day. This is a style you can dress either up or down and will have you feeling both fun and flirty. The Date Night is voluminous curls. Make a grand entrance with sexy bouncy face-framing tresses.

Beach Chic

Beach Waves is the go-to style in South Florida. Feel carefree and chic at the same time in this style. The Beach Chic is still the hottest trend right now made popular by celebrities like the Kardashians. Dress these beach waves either up or dress them down because they play well with any weather and occasion. Give them that natural glam.

Uptown Girl

Today’s updo has completely evolved into something soft and romantic. No longer are we doing those stiff stuffy styles. The Uptown Girl is any updo style of your choice though! Why not swap in your usual go-to style for something off the shoulders? Updos are great for any occasion and help accentuate your best features, cheekbones, eyes, and necklines are the stars with this style.

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